The company is in advanced startup mode and will operate in the field of PRT (Personal Rapid Transit) system of transportation and all aspects related to designing, construction, sales, operation and service of the MISTER PRT system.




To provide a new generation of ecologically friendly transportation for cities around the world and to guarantee that the system will be very profitable to the Invstors, while providing cities with a transportation system that will substantially reduce traffic congestion and air pollution, while improving quality of life to people by fast, safe and inexpensive travel.


Community Impact

MISTER will be a blessing on any community because it will provide a solution to one of the most painful problem being the city transit.

High quality, speedy, inexpensive, ecological and efficient transit of people and goods within cities will also provide jobs and revenue, reducing subsidies and improving property values along its network. Although operation of the actual system will not require a lot of people, but there will be spin off jobs and services required, e.g. delivery of goods in containers from cargo stops to the shops and businesses.

People and goods will have to be moved in ever increasing numbers and distances. This is a guarantee for the expansion trends of the systems in the future.

Aging population is another growth factor for MISTER, as more old people will not be able to drive themselves around. This system will make them more mobile and safe.

Ecological Impact

MISTER is the GREENEST transportation system yet, much better than e.g rail or even electric cars. It will also be self-powering in the future (PVC technology).

Saving on CO2 emissions alone would be able to repay systems deployment within 20 years.

It will also reduce car usage within cities by at least 30 to 50%, once sizable networks are developed. It uses much less energy to build and operate than any other known system, while freeing a lot of parking spaces for other uses.